1. Trivial Things

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Davey struck out with the art-rock dynamo
& heretics dress like kings
Didn't wash his hair 'cos he's sure that the strength
is lost in all the trivial things

Davey left in one piece, waiting on a young feast
Waiting on a diamond ring

But that's all before he really made it

Davey got high & thought he'd really let go
Thought he'd go & get some new wings
Painted up his face like an over-achiever
& dealt the day a twist and a sting

Davey's on the station, cause egos need inflation
& modesty's the song he must sing

But that's all before he really made it

Davey's in tight with the industry favourites
Looking like a millionaire
He's down on crack on Monday and Tuesday waits til Sunday
Back in time to mess up his share

Davey's torn in one piece, fed into the young feast
Feeding like the devil may care

But that's all before he really made it
& he never made it

- - - -

From the album Sinister Swing by Ashton Nyte
Music and lyrics by Ashton Nyte
Published by Intervention Arts / ASCAP (2003)