[2 JULY 2020]

I'll be performing a free acoustic concert on my Facebook Page on Saturday 11 July 2020. 
The concert is available worldwide to all who would like to join.
Please check your local time in relation to the times listed on the flyer. 

Now taking requests on my Facebook and Instagram Pages :-).

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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[16 April 2020]

I am delighted to confirm that my new album is nearly ready! I also have a book of poetry, thoughts, lyrics and other oddities which will be released as part of this new project. I have deliberated whether this is indeed the right time to put new art out into the world and have essentially concluded that art is always necessary. I hope that you will find joy, inspiration and hope in this new work, the way I continue to breathe and dream more vividly, when celebrating the art of those I am inspired by.

The new work is available for pre-order now and includes a range of exclusive items and opportunities for you to be involved in what I’m creating. Please visit Waiting For A Voice to sign up, take advantage of exclusive limited edition items and glimpses behind the scenes. I can’t do this without you. Thank you!   

Amethyst (live in The Netherlands)

[3 April 2020]

Here I am performing “Amethyst” live at the beautiful Limburg Theatre in Heerlen, The Netherlands on 19 Sep 2019. This was one of the 36 European shows I did with Wayne Hussey last year and was indeed a magical night. Amethyst was originally written as a Darkwave song and first appeared on The Awakening album, “The Fourth Seal Of Seen” in a full band format. It was, however, the live piano version performed by Matthew Fink and I, featured on “The Fountain EP” the following year, that really resonated with fans, friends and family alike. It remains my favourite rendition and is the closing track on “Anthology XV” and has been played live in various incarnations of The Awakening and my solo shows over the years. I love the intimacy of this particular version and hope it brings some relief in these rather dark times. With love, as always. Ashton x

[24 FEB 2020]

My father, friend and hero passed away yesterday. He was recovering from quadruple bypass surgery and took a turn for the worse. This photo was taken the last time I saw my Dad. It was January 5 2017. My parents had visited us here in the US for Christmas and this was a quick selfie in the snow before driving them back to the airport. I inherited my passion for music and so many other things from my Dad. He loved to laugh, celebrate our favorite songs and albums at high volume, could fix anything and speak about everything, always made time for everybody else first, was the biggest fan and supporter of my art and will always be so much more than I could ever be.


For the last 2 years my parents have been in the lengthy process of emigrating to the United States to live with us and had just been approved prior to his surgery.


Rose and I are flying to South Africa tomorrow to be with my Mom, family and friends. He means so much to so many of us. Words fail me. I love you Daddy. x

Salon of Music and Spoken Word

[23 February 2020]

Sadly I will not longer be able to perform at the Salon of Music and Spoken Word on Friday Feb 28.

Please support this wonderful event in my absence. The evening will feature music from Eileen Gannon and Robert Ryan, with readings by Bob Churchill, Molly Harris, Karen Craigo and Don Corrigan as well. The event will be held at Webster Groves Library (Saint Louis), with wine, snacks and conversation included. Admission is free and seating is limited.


[20 NOV 2019]

They say necessity is the mother of invention. And I need to create. To build, to break, to share, disguise, reveal and reinvent and then some. And it needs to start somewhere. Or at the very least, it needs to never stop.

If you haven’t already signed up, please do. More to follow…


[23 OCT 2019]

It is surreal to think that it’s been a week since I played the last show of a glorious 36 date tour of Europe. It certainly ended on a high, with Wayne and I singing Butterfly On A Wheel together back in my beloved Germany, where it had all started 6 and a half weeks earlier. After the show it was farewell to friends from near and far, followed by a celebratory brandy back at our hotel in Nürnberg and the ensuing mad rush to the airport the following morning, with a momentary pause for a shower and 3 hours of sleep. The following day was spent on planes to Amsterdam, Detroit and finally back home to St Louis... but more about my travels and our beautiful new home soon. Right now it’s time to put that new espresso machine back to work, for the second cup of the morning. Thank you to all who came to the shows and to all who would like to come to the next ones 🙏. I promise to announce new tour dates soon and will try to include countries I have missed previously. Here’s to you - I hope you have a magical day 🖤. www.instagram.com/ashtonnyte

Photo by David Robson