[14 July 2021]

I am delighted to share my latest creation with you! Please share it if you like it and let me know what you think. "A Victory Of Love" is the second single from The Awakening's new album This Alchemy.



[26 June 2021]

I am delighted to confirm that I am now booking dates for my Acoustic Alchemy Tour (part 1)! 

Following a number of inquiries for private acoustic shows, I thought I’d put the word out that I am finally available for shows here in the US, starting mid-October 2021. I am fully vaccinated and very excited by the prospect of finally sharing my latest 2 albums, along with my back catalogue of solo works, The Awakening, collaborations, and other oddities, with those who want to experience it all in a magical live environment again. We have various show options available, ranging from intimate house concerts to larger theatrical events. Please visit www.ashtonnyte.com/live for details, or just to let me know where you’d like to see me perform :-).

It should go without saying that I am very eager to perform in Europe, South Africa, and the rest of the world again and look forward to confirming 2022 dates as possible. For now, these smaller shows are a wonderful way to celebrate the live experience while we all navigate the safest way forward.

With love





[26 May 2021]

Here is our new music video, "Zero Down" - it has just premiered and is now available to view, share and celebrate in all its glory! This is the first single from The Awakening's new album, This Alchemy. The song is about the posthumous exploitation of 'rock stars' and may require a few viewings to unpack it all. Looking forward to your thoughts on the work! 🖤



[25 May 2021]

This Alchemy is out and available everywhere today! Thank you so much to all who have supported my Art by purchasing a physical or digital copy, or limited edition merchandise (and other treats) from The Awakening official store. Thank you for making The Awakening’s 10th album a reality. Now please go forth and enjoy the new work at FULL VOLUME! Oh and remember to tune in on Wednesday for the “Zero Down” music video premiere on The Awakening Youtube channel. Ps - I’d dearly like to know what you think of the new work…



[27 April 2021]

It’s my Birthday so here’s a photo of me as a happy child. I had just released my first solo album when this was taken, and in the spirit of festivity, I’d like to invite you to a free download of The Slender Nudes for today (27 April) if the mood takes you. If you already have it, just play "Glam Vamp Baby" one more time and think of me. Oh and please send gluten-free chocolate cake, wine, and facelift vouchers to my postal address. Lots of love 🖤



[30 March 2021]

I was fortunate to speak to Tina Benitez-Eves about This Alchemy, for a feature in American Songwriter, which just went live today. I highly recommend reading the piece here - best enjoyed with a dark roast of your choice. 

Photo: Rose Hemlock Nyte



[11 February 2021]

I am very happy to announce that The Awakening’s 10th full-length album is available for pre-order now, along with an extensive selection of limited edition items and exclusive content. The album (released on 25 May 2021) is called “This Alchemy” and features 11 new works I am extremely proud of. 2020 was a difficult year for all of us, to say the very least. In the absence of touring and with an uncertain future ahead, I have tried to carve something magical from the ongoing weight of it all. I hope this brings you comfort and light. As always, your support will make this chapter a brighter one. I am blessed by your belief in my art. Thank you. 



Ps - Each order includes an Art Pass, which entitles you to exclusive content, limited edition items, glimpses behind the scenes, and other oddities. It also entitles you to a full album download before it is released to the rest of the world.