1. Jericho

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Frozen satellites
The trial, the plight
For absolution

And at the fire site
The treason of words and bone
Ashes fill the sky
And rest upon the throne
For absolution

Now my hands are tied
By apathy and lore
Noise clouds my mind
Set the stone

Winter claims another fire
Hear the drums outside the wall
They never leave, they never tire
They just wait until I fall

The guns are for hire
The truth a buried sword
The essence of time may well be
The raging storm
The raging storm

Jericho is burning
As I wait here alone
Drifting and turning
This castle, this home
And I believe the senses
And seeds will still grow
My Jericho is burning now
I know
This fire’s glow

For the last time
For the last time

Music and Lyrics by Ashton Nyte.
Published by Intervention Arts / ASCAP (2022).