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  1. Unpredictable

From the recording Headspace

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I made it back to the city
Left my bags at the station
She said that she took pity
& everything was fine
Just a-finishing her line she says
"Oh you look delightful"
She said, she said I look delightful

And she talks to herself
When she's alone
Oh she's out of her sweet mind again
But hey, at least it's unpredictable

I can't define her headspace
She comes on like an anvil
A pretty girl with a pretty taste
Oh she says, she says I look delightful

And she talks to herself...

Now we can stop the music
Or we can turn the light off
She said "Hold on to the ceiling"
& "Oh my, how you look delightful"

And she talks to herself...

She's so unpredictable
& I like the way she tastes