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she met him in a darkened room
he had issues with the light
his hair combed back from his face
his jacket pulled on tight
she'd never thought of running away
she'd never thought of faith
he took her arm and he took her thoughts
and with a look of gentle grace said "follow me"

away from this whorish noise
away from philistine
they walked through the radium fields
the salt, the shore, the brine (he said)
"i'll show you where to start
i'll show you how to cry
don't judge the weaker men
don't wallow in your pride, just follow me"

she said "everyone has a borrowed opinion
everybody's read a book
'the science of discrimination'
the art of looking good
and i don't need another pagan ritual
i've seen 'lord of the rings'
don't give me self-realization
or oprah's pick of the week"

"and i don't feel much for politics
i'm not into black comedy
give me the fundamentals"
he smiled once more and said "follow me"

we've learned to shake the system
so well that we've become
another system bent on shaking
all that has been done
i'm so tired of being told
about enlightment inside
if god was contained within us
hey what about suicide?

show me a celestial force
content with being raped
show me that inner power
happy to be maimed
i've set my sights on something
something bigger than myself
"we're all fucked up in some way
we all could use some help, so follow me"

- - - -

From the album Dirt Sense by Ashton Nyte
Music and lyrics by Ashton Nyte
Published by Intervention Arts / ASCAP (2002)