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  1. Play The Part

From the recording Headspace

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Take the story apart
Going back to the start
& here I am dressed in leather babe
You've got something to say
Got your tongue in the way
Never thought I'd ever see you leave
& you're down on your knees
& you're playing the tease
& the therapy never suits the crime
Just a-wasting my time
Got you down on my mind
Won't you start me up baby because

My medicine's never close enough
To save me oh &
My medicine's never fast enough
Before I fall apart
Why don't we let the future start
Oh babe you know I'll play the part

Another line of disease
& it's over to me
& it's over before we close the door
Another night on the floor
Another angel to score
Another day before I feel alive
& you're back on my mind
& you're cruel to be kind
& your body has never done me wrong
But I'm losing control
I'm reversing the role
Yes I'm losing control, here because

My medicine...

See me hitting the wall
See me taking a fall
& here I am dressed in leather babe...