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Ashton Nyte - The Crying Game (single) [2017]

Ashton Nyte - Forgotten (single) [2016]
Ashton Nyte - Some Kind Of Satellite [March 2015] 
The Awakening - Anthology XV [2014]
The Awakening - Tales Of Absolution + Obsoletion [2009]
Ashton Nyte - The Valley [2010] (USA)
Ashton Nyte - The Valley [2010] (South Africa)
Ashton Nyte - Moederland [2014]
Ashton Nyte And The Accused - Headspace [2005]
Ashton Nyte - Sinister Swing Remaster [2013] (original version released in 2003)
Ashton Nyte - Dirt Sense [2005] (original version released 2002)
Ashton Nyte - The Slender Nudes [2000]
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