[8 March 2014]

We are happy to announce that Moederland will be stores across South Africa from 17 March!

Following a rather prolific and stylistically diverse career, which has included 8 albums with his band The Awakening and 5 critically acclaimed solo albums, Ashton is ready for a new artistic chapter. February 2014 will see the release of "Moederland", Ashton's first album in the Afrikaans language.

Since 1997 Ashton has been featured in almost every music-related publication, television program and radio show in South Africa. He has headlined festivals both in South Africa and the USA, topped charts on college and national radio, written and performed in theatrical productions and even found time for philanthropic events like his “Rock Against Rape” concert series.


Ashton has just spent the last 5 years in the USA, where his most recent album, “The Valley” was toured from New York to New Orleans and was played on over 40 radio stations. Highlights include a feature on the prestigious Public Radio International’s “The World” and a live in-studio interview and performance on “Voice Of America” to over 125 million listeners world-wide.

Ashton refers to "Moederland" as “an album that pays homage to my Afrikaans heritage and the country that has shaped me." All twelve original tracks are performed in Afrikaans.

The album will also be available from this website and on iTunes from 2 April.

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[21 Jan 2014]

(press release)

Lukas is a beautiful ode to love and loss and boasts two of South Africa's most treasured exports. 

Ashton Nyte and Karin Hougaard sing together for the first time! Lukas was recorded in the USA, where both Karin and Ashton have been living for the last 5 years and is the brand new single from Ashton Nyte's debut Afrikaans album, Moederland.


Moederland will be available in stores nation-wide in March!


Both Karin Hougaard and Ashton Nyte will be performing live in South Africa in February, March and April respectively. Visit their websites for more info:







[12 Dec 2013]

Dirt Sense - Second Edition is now available on iTunes! The physical 2CD edition is available here (at a special holiday price) AND we have a new video up for the song Splinters!

[18 November 2013]

Ashton Nyte will be touring South Africa in 2014! Ashton will be fronting his legendary rock band, The Awakening as well as performing solo in South Africa in March and April 2014. This is the first time Ashton will be performing in SA in 6 years! 
[21 Aug 2014]

The remastered edition of Ashton Nyte's third solo album is available now! 

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